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Submitting your thesis

1. Submit nomination of examiners form

At least three weeks before your intended thesis submission date, submit a completed nomination of examiners form and a copy of the thesis abstract to [email protected].

On this form, supervisors declare that the nominated examiners comply with the eligibilities listed in the Conflict of Interest and Independence of Examiners Policy.

Examples of different types of conflict of interest for examination of higher degree by research theses are available here.

2. Electronic and temporarily bound copies

You must provide an electronic copy of your thesis in PDF format only. A temporarily bound copy of your thesis is no longer required unless there is a request from the examiner. 

Ensure your thesis includes the required declarations. A proforma for the front pages of your thesis that includes these declarations is available here. Please include these front pages, complete with the appropriate signatures, in the electronic version of your thesis. 

3. Complete submission details

Complete the submission of thesis form (above) and arrange for your coordinating supervisor and graduate research coordinator to sign it. If you are enrolled in more than one school, you must have the signatures of your coordinating supervisor and graduate research coordinator from each school.

Make sure that you refer to your School/Centre's website or handbook for any requirements that you must meet prior to submission.

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4. Submit all components

Submit all items to [email protected]. An email informing the commencement of your thesis examination will be sent to your student email address.

During the examination period your enrolment status will be 'discontinued' but your pheme account, library access and student email will remain active during this period. 

More information on the examination process can be found at https://www.postgraduate.uwa.edu.au/students/thesis/examination.

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Further information

Resubmit thesis

You may be asked to resubmit your thesis after further work has been completed. You will be notified in writing of the procedure for resubmission of a thesis.

Series of papers

Submission of final version