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Dr Renuka Shrestha

UWA PhD graduate in Plant Breeding (2006), Dr Renuka Shrestha (pictured in foreground)
UWA PhD graduate in Plant Breeding (2006), Dr Renuka Shrestha returned to Nepal to continue working at Nepal Agricultural Research Council. Subsequently, recognition of her research has led to her appointment as the National Coordinator for the Grain Legumes Research Program.

It was the greatest opportunity in my life to work under the supervision of the best plant scientists, the well equipped laboratory facilities and friendly environments of UWA and CSIRO in Australia.

The Centre provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses for future plant breeders.

Why study Plant Breeding at UWA?

  • Broad integrated approach to plant breeding linking field, lab and plate
  • Application of biotechnology to improve genetic progress
  • Targeting adaptation to climate change in marginal environments
  • Close working links within the plant breeding industry, both public and private
  • Links with international centres (AVRDCICARDAICRISAT and IRRI) including possibility of jointly-supervised thesis research at centres.
  • Depending on the level of study completed, a range of career opportunities in the seed industry and plant breeding can be pursued, including roles such as molecular geneticist, biotechnologist or plant breeder. 

Undergraduate Coursework

The Centre offers a four-year Bachelor of Science (Genetics and Breeding) degree – the only one of its kind at an Australian university - and a four-year Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science) with training in genetics and plant breeding.

Australian students

International students


Both degrees are combined with training in crop agronomy, plant physiology, biometrics and related disciplines.

Postgraduate - Coursework or Research Opportunities

The Master of Science (Genetics and Breeding) degree is a two year course, by coursework and dissertation. The aim of the course is to produce professional plant breeders for industry in both the developed and developing world.

We offer post-graduate level degrees in agricultural science as well as genetics and plant breeding.

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas are offered as Exit Points only.

These include Graduate Certificates in Science (one semester), Graduate Diplomas in Science (one year), and the Masters of Science (two years).



There are opportunities for graduates with a strong breeding and genetics background to directly undertake a PhD in Science (Agriculture).